Synergie™ Cellulite Treatment

Synergie™, the Cellulite Solution

Over the years, many have claimed “miracle” cures for cellulite, but most yielded disappointing results—until now.

Synergie is a powerful solution that can provide temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite and circumferential body measurements of cellulite-treated areas. The patented Synergie device finally provides the solution millions of women have been seeking.

Does Synergie Work?

A 1998 study conducted by two noted plastic surgeons confirmed the efficacy of Synergie, with 91% of the women treated reporting a significant reduction in the appearance of cellulite, and 100% achieving inch loss as well (reduction in circumferential body measurements).

Synergie™ Cellulite Treatments

A typical Synergie treatment program consists of a series of twice-weekly sessions over a two-month period, followed by maintenance visits. Treatments last approximately 30 minutes. To ensure your comfort and preserve modesty, you will wear a body suit during treatment.

Phase I treatments (twice-weekly) typically last two months, but can be modified to meet your desired results.

Phase II consists of once-per-month visits to maintain desired appearance and skin tone.